Tainted Gold

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Tainted Gold

An investigative journalist uncovers a massive doping scandal from the GDR era during a personal investigation that also brings a dark family secret to light.

What do a former German swimmer from the GDR and an investigative journalist from England have in common? Apparently nothing at all. At first glance, they are separated not only by many decades, but also by moral integrity.

It is the story of two strong women who, in different times and unequal political systems, have made a name for themselves through their professional merits and iron determination.

Britta Wagner, is a promising young German swimmer at the GDR’s sports center (the German University of Physical Education, DHfK), when she discovers she is pregnant. Shortly thereafter, the young girl disappears without a trace.

Adele Brun is a successful young investigative journalist from London.

When Adele’s mother Sara dies, the young woman is left grieving and baffled by a great mystery. Sara leaves Adele a phone number on an outdated and yellowed note. It turns out to be a phone number from the GDR.

Adele is curious and understands it as her deceased mother’s last wish to solve this mystery. The research leads her to Berlin and soon it turns out that The phone number under which Adele collects information belonged to a Stasi officer who was responsible for the security and control of the athletes living at the DHfK. The sports center in which Britta Wagner also belonged before she disappeared without a trace.

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