In Development
Rotes-Bild-mit-Pferden Beltracchi Movie

An extremely talented forger who discovers by chance and to his great surprise that he can hack the system, but in doing so puts himself and his family in great danger.

This is the story of a love at first sight and a love that survives illness, trials and prison. Helene and Wolfgang share this love, but also a secret that they must not reveal to anyone, not even their children.

It is also a story of an economic system: the art market. A cynical, opaque, speculative market where money rules and art is just a pretext for investors looking for investments, driving up sums that no painter has ever seen in his life. He will use the weaknesses, egos, greed and blindness to realize his dreams of freedom. And the more it works, the more the tension and fear of being exposed increases. It is the true life story of the greatest art forger who ever lived.