Prince of Gastronomes

In Development

The exciting life of the legendary French gourmet critic, writer and artist Maurice Edmond Sailland, better known as Curnonsky.

The biography “Curnonsky or the Mystery of Maurice Sailland” by Inge Huber reveals the many secrets of this multi-layered personality and reveals his impressive journey to become an admired star of French culture.

This biography is followed by a film about Belle Époque Paris, where Curnonsky developed his artistic and literary talents and socialized with famous figures such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Colette. But despite his success and popularity, he struggles with poverty and lack of financial security in his old age. And if that wasn’t enough, his role as creator of the famous Michelin mascot Bibendum is challenged, leading to conflicts with the tire factory.

In this story, we witness Curnonsky’s eventful life, his artistic passions and his struggle for recognition and financial independence. Discover the visionary he really was in the upcoming film adaptation of the biography “Curnonsky or the Mystery of Maurice Sailland”.